Set Theory Notes

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Introduction to ordinals: ordinals, ordinals.tex

Examples of ordinal arithmetic: examples, examples.tex

Axioms of Set Theory: axioms, axioms.tex

Introduction to Cardinals: cardinals, cardinals.tex

The c.u.b. filter and Silver's Theorem: cub, cub.tex

First order logic and the Incompleteness Theorem: incompleteness, incompleteness.tex

Absoluteness, skolem functions: absoluteness, absoluteness.tex

V &kappa, H &kappa, and HOD: HOD, HOD.tex

Introduction to Forcing: forcing, forcing.tex

The continuum hypothesis: continuum, continuum.tex

Product Forcing and Easton's Theorem: products, products.tex

Diamond and Suslin's Hypothesis: diamond, diamond.tex

Iterations and Martin's Axiom: iterations, iterations.tex

Applications of Martin's Axiom: Applications of MA, martinapp.tex

Intro to Descrptive Set Theory Intro to Descriptive Set Theory, Intro to Determinacy