Math 5420 (Functions of a Complex Variable)
Spring 2021, UNT

Lecture: ZOOM, TR 12:30-1:50pm

Instructor: Professor Olav Richter

Course Description: Math 5420 is the continuation of Math 5410. The course is highly recommended for students who are considering taking the complex analysis qualifying exam. Topics include: Applications of the residue theorem, product developments, conformal mappings, and elliptic functions.


Textbook: We will not follow a particular textbook very closely. However, most of the material that we will cover can be found in the following three books:





Exams & Grading Policy: Your final grade will be based on homework (your lowest HW score will be dropped), a midterm, and a comprehensive final. The midterm and final will be in-person exams in GAB 461.  The midterm will be either on Feb 25th or on Mar 4th.  The final exam will be on Apr 29th (10:30-12:30pm).  Please make sure that you are available at those dates, since there will be NO make up exams!  The grade is comprised of

Recordings: Class recordings are reserved for use only by students in this class for educational purposes.  The recordings should not be shared outside the class in any form. Failing to follow this restriction is a violation of the UNT Code of Student and could lead to disciplinary action.