Math 6110 (Analytic number theory)
Spring 2018, UNT

Lecture: GAB 461, MW 8:30-9:50am

Instructor: Professor Olav Richter

Course Description: Math 6110 is intended for all graduate students in mathematics. This course will be an introduction to analytic number theory and some background in complex analysis is required. Topics include: Arithmetic functions, Dirichlet series, the Gamma function, the Riemann zeta function, characters, L-functions, Dirichlet's Prime Number Theorem, modular forms and their connection to Dirichlet series with functional equation.

Textbook: You do not have to buy a textbook for this class, since we will not follow a particular textbook very closely. A large portion of the material that we will cover can be found in the following book by Apostol:



There is also an excellent book by Zagier that contains a lot of the material that we will cover. However, it has the slight (!) disadvantage that it is written in German: