Math 6110 (Topics in automorphic forms)
Spring 2015, UNT

Lecture: GAB 461, MW 11:00-12:20pm

Instructor: Professor Olav Richter

Course Description: Math 6110 is intended for all graduate students in mathematics. We will cover selected topics in automorphic forms. A solid background in complex analysis is required and some basic knowledge in group theory will be helpful. Topics include: The modular group and its subgroups, elliptic functions, modular forms (including the discussion of various examples), Hecke-Petersson theory, and theta series.

Textbook: You do not have to buy a textbook for this class, since we will not follow a particular textbook very closely. A large portion of the material that we will cover can be found for example in the following books:


There is also an excellent book by Koecher and Krieg that contains most of the material that we will cover. It has the slight (!) disadvantage that it is written in German: