Math 5410 (Functions of a Complex Variable)
Fall 2004, UNT

Lecture: GAB 473, TR 3:30-4:50pm

Instructor: Professor Olav Richter

Course Description: Math 5410 is intended for all graduate students in mathematics. The course is highly recommended for students who are considering taking the complex analysis qualifying exam. Topics include: Elementary point set topology, analytic functions, complex integration, and singularities.

We will not follow a particular textbook very closely. However, most of the material that we will cover can be found in the following very good book by Conway. I recommend that you buy this book.

You may find it also helpful to consult the following book by Ahlfors:

Exams & Grading Policy: Your final grade will be based on homework, a midterm, and a comprehensive final. Homework assignments will be handed out in class and your lowest homework score will be dropped. The midterm will be on Nov 2nd. The final exam will be on December 16th (1:30-3:30pm). Please make sure that you are available at those dates, since there will be NO make up exams!

The grade is comprised of