Building Bridges: 1st EU-US conference on Automorphic Forms and related topics

Building Bridges

The Summer School

The summer school will take place July 30 - Aug 4, 2012. It will consist of mini-courses on "Borcherds products and applications", "Modular symbols", and "Theta blocks". These mini-courses will have two 90 minute lectures each morning and problem sessions and homework in the afternoons.

The following researchers have agreed to teach the mini-courses of the summer school.

Lecturers Subject Days
John Cremona and Nils P. Skoruppa Modular symbols Monday and Tuesday
Jan H. Bruinier and Richard Hill Borcherds products and applications Wednesday and Thursday
Cris Poor and Don B. Zagier Theta blocks Friday and Saturday

Lecture Hall

The summer school will take place in Lecture Hall III in the main building (Hauptgebäude).