Building Bridges: 1st EU-US conference on Automorphic Forms and related topics

Building Bridges

Places to discover

Sunday, August 5th between the summer school and the conference is a perfect opportunity to discover various places in Aachen. The cathedral in Aachen was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. The Palatine Chapel is an important part of the cathedral and holds the remains of Charlemagne. The atmosphere created by the building that is centered around an octagon is unique to Aachen.

Aachen is also a perfect place for hiking. The "Dreiländereck" where the frontiers of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium meet is situated in a wide forest area with man hiking routs indicated. The highest mountain in Aachen is "Lousberg". Although it is only 264 meters high, it provides a wonderful view over the northern flat part of Aachen, that is called "Soers". It is famous for its recognized equestrian tournament CHIO, and it hosted the World Equestrian Games 2006.

You can also visit Cologne, Maastricht, or Monschau. In Cologne you can see the "Kölner Dom", which was declared World Cultural Heritage in 1996. You can reach Cologne by train, which leaves about every half an hour from Aachen main station. Maastricht is popular among people in Aachen for its shopping opportunity. It is easiest to go to Maastricht by bus, which leave every half an hour from Aachen main station. Monschau is a picturesque city in the Eiffel, which you can go to by bus. They leave every second hour from Aachen bus station