Applying for admission
Mathematics Graduate Program

Applications to enter the program beginning in the Fall term will be reviewed starting early the preceding Spring, so it is best to get everything to us by the end of January. However, the graduate school will accept applications until July 15. Applications to enter the program beginning in the Spring term will be reviewed until November 15. The mathematics graduate program does not offer summer courses or on-line courses. Deadlines and instructions are updated here.

If you would like a preliminary estimate of your chances of admission before submitting a formal application, you may email scans of your unofficial transcripts and an electronic copy of your GRE score report to mathgrad dot unt dot edu.

Regarding the background necessary to enter the program: in general, Ph.D. students must pass eight core courses and Master's students must pass five. In order to succeed in our core courses it is necessary to have had substantial prior exposure to rigorous proofs. Usually at least three to four proof-based courses in analysis, algebra, and topology must be taken before admission.

To become a math graduate student at UNT supported as a Teaching Fellow, Teaching Assistant, or Graduate Student Assistant, follow these steps:

  1. Apply for admission to UNT's Toulouse Graduate School through (the fee is $75). Official transcripts and GRE scores must be submitted. Transcripts should be mailed to the graduate school and GRE scores should be sent to UNT, not to the department (I believe the correct selection on the ETS website is something like “UNT/other”).

    The general GRE is required, and in order to be competitive for financial support, usually a quantitative general GRE score percentile in the 80's or above is necessary. Verbal and written scores are also considered. The math subject GRE is not required, but it is strongly encouraged and can only help.

  2. Apply for support by filling out this form, which may also be found at the department's financial assistance page. Include in the additional information section your general GRE scores, broken down into the three categories quantitative, verbal, and writing. Describe any teaching experience you have had, and in the optional personal statement explain those areas of mathematics which interest you the most.

  3. Have three or more letters of recommendation emailed to me at mathgrad dot unt dot edu. Additional materials may also be sent there.

International applicants should visit UNT-International and the international tab of UNT Admissions.

Further information may be found at the department's graduate admissions page.