Michael Monticino

Vice President of Advancement

Professor of Mathematics

University of North Texas







I am Vice President of Advancement at the University of North Texas, having also served as Dean of the UNT College of Arts & Sciences and Dean of the Toulouse Graduate School. Even with all my administrative activities, my passion for mathematics and its applications burns strong. I am proudly a Professor in the UNT Department of Mathematics and the Institute for Applied Science.

My research interests and consulting experiences include statistical analysis, probability models, operations research (resource allocation, forecasting, inventory control, retention analysis, staffing), and environmental modeling.

I have worked with many organizations, including the U.S. Navy, ABC TV, ARGO Data Resources, the Institute for Defense Analysis, and IBM to solve a variety of operational and management problems.

I was Founding President of the Mathematical Association of America Special Interest Group for Business Industry and Government.  This "SIGMAA" of the MAA serves as a unifying link between business, industry and government mathematicians, academic mathematicians and mathematics students.  I have also been active member of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Visiting Lecturer Program. One objective of the SIAM VLP is to inform students (and their instructors) that there are many career opportunities, besides academics, available to people with strong analytical skills.  I give a popular talk that discusses careers in applied mathematics based upon my consulting activities and my experiences working on defense related projects.

Research activities include:


Selected publications

Environmental Modeling and Biology Applications

Interdisciplinarity in the Biological Sciences. In: Handbook of Interdisciplinarity.”  Eds., R. Frodeman, C. Mitchum and J.B. Hollbrok.  Warren Burggren, Kent Chapman, Bradley Keller, Michael Monticino and John Torday.   Oxford University Press, 2010. 


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Optimal Control


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Random Probability Measures


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Other Applications and Probability Models



“Analysis of Teller Service Times in Retail Banks,” Travis Cogdill and Michael Monticino.  Case Studies in Business, Industry and Government Statistics, Vol 1 No. 1, 2007, pp. 15-25. 


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